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Hello, I (Andy Fraser) am launching this site today. The purpose of the site is to make better Internet service available to residents of Los Alamos County.

To start off, I have written an open letter to the County Council that primarily asks that they make residential broadband a priority. The Council will have a meeting on January 12, 2021 at which they will establish priorities for the year. So it’s important to collect signatures before that meeting. Please click the link and sign the letter.

I don’t have any previous experience organizing advocacy. So I welcome advice on advocacy in the comments here.

Also, I welcome advice or help with the technology. I am using the WordPress Content Management System to manage/publish the site, and I started learning how to use WordPress this week. I installed it on my home workstation to practice before getting a public site at dreamhost.

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Thank you for getting the discussion rolling. I have just contacted both the Reporter and the Daily post. I waited till we got some signatures before contacting them so that it would be clear that more people care about the issue than just you and me. We’ve collected 13 signatures since I posted the petition yesterday.

How much do Los Alamos County residents pay for electronic communications? It must be in the tens of millions of dollars all told with land lines, cable, cell phones, satellite dishes, and whatever I’m forgetting. Surely we can negotiate for better cheaper service. I imagine the council naysayers responding with a knee-jerk “too expensive” without bothering to do the arithmetic. County wi-fi might well be win-win: increased income for the county and cheaper, better, broad band for the residents.

I think you’re right. Residents in Los Alamos County spend tens of millions of dollars per year on communication. Unfortunately the bill for communication is mixed up with the bill for content. Some of the content is designed to be addictive, and it ends up being controversial and destructive. It’s a mess, and there is a lot of money involved.

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