Previous Studies

At the end of March, Laura Gonzales emailed me the following twenty documents concerning previous studies of the broadband issue in Los Alamos County since the 1990s.  After reading most of them, I think it would be better for Council to direct staff to do in-house research rather than hire outside consultants again.

On April first Counselor Williams emailed to me the following 3 reports from the study Crestino Telecommunications Solutions completed in 2013:

  • September 2012.  “Los Alamos County Community Broadband Network Design Report” by Crestino Telecommunications Solutions. (175 Pages)  The CBN Design Report delivers the plan for building a 1 Gbps, openaccess, FTTH network. It defines CBN design, and describes how it will be built, operated and maintained. A separate document, CBN Business Plan describes funding mechanisms that provide the capital to construct the network, and the revenue to operate the network. This report builds on the 2009 County Fiber Optic Network Expansion study, which mainly addressed County facilities, extending coverage to all LAC residences and business.Page 50 lists cost $47M to $61M
  • February 2013. “Los Alamos County Community Broadband Network Business Plan” by Crestino Telecommunications Solutions. (31 Pages)
    This document is a condensed version of the Los Alamos County Community Broadband Network Business Plan, February 2013. It is intended for an audience looking to understand the main concepts and findings of the business plan in a quicker fashion.On page 8 they repeat the summary of costs in the design report. This is my summary of their summary:$23.2M for Electronics and switch facilities

    $16M for fiber to the curb (property edge)

    $8.3M for drops (curb to closure)

    $5.9M for customer premises

    $3.5M for Buildings (NOC and POPs)

    $2.0M for drop closures

    $2.0M for project management

  • February 2013. “Los Alamos County Community Broadband Network Business Plan” by Crestino Telecommunications Solutions. (104 Pages)A quote from the executive summary:The framework for CBN was provided by the County Council on April 19, 2011, with the following directives: 


    1. Develop a plan to build a fiber-to-the-premises network providing open and advanced broadband communications access to all Los Alamos citizens and institutions

    2. The local network target speed will be a minimum of 1 gigabit per second

    3. The County will not generally be an overall content provider or a Service Provider

    4. County services may be provided through the new network
    infrastructure The County Council’s directives drove the structure of the engineering design and the business model.