Los Alamos County Broadband Manager Position

The County has posted the new Broadband Manager position.  It closes at the end of September.  If you know anyone qualified who might be interested, tell them about it.  I have written a separate page promoting the position.

On Thursday 2021-09-16 I posted a request on Hacker News with the title “Ask HN: Advice on bringing community broadband to Los Alamos? ”  I was pleased with the discussion which you can read by clicking on the link.  There was good advice from several people with a variety of knowledge and backgrounds.  southerntofu  from France wrote in part “social justice is an important part of public service“.  At least three folks who have lived in Los Alamos commented including brianolson who wrote that in the 1990s, “I was the student representative on the committee setting up the first internet service to all the schools.”  Five people invited me to send them email which I’ve done.  I believe that the discussion will lead to some interesting applications for the Broadband Manager position.

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